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March 9th, 2010

10:54 pm - You know what they say...
...all toasters...sorry,wrong one.I mean,nothing lasts forever.So is like this with FMA and Death Note.If you read my journal constantly(which I doubt)you know right now I´m totally attached to D.Gray-Man.By the way there´s a reason for not putting One Piece on the list...because I´m getting interested again.And about this,it´s just me or Jump authors are on a very depressive phase?Sincerely...I never expected Oda to kill two important characters between three chapters.Being sincere,I almost cried.Of course it´s a shounen with blood...but it´s supposed to be...one of the funniest histories I´ve saw...this is...so shocking...

Anyway,I hope Hoshino isn´t planning to make Yuu die,damn it!Seeing him die so many times was really painful,not to mention he was just a child...or kind of...his mind isn´t really one.I wonder how old is he really and if that lady is his bride,girlfriend,sister,mother,blah blah...and if she´s alive.I wonder if anyone else thought she´s similar to Miss Chang.And what was that on Alma-chan´s(Yeah,he´s too freaking cute)arm?

Today I decided to go at the Center.I bought strawberry Pocky,a pack of soba and instant soba tempura-flavored.The last one was good...not as mine...seriously.My toshikoshi soba became so good.Also I´ve looked for wigs to make my secret cosplay.

This leads to another problem...I´m eating like a pig and my belly is a baloon.Geez...that´s depression for you.I´m not eating chocolate since er...I don´t know how you North-Americans,Spanish and other people say...it´s like "Wednesday of Ashes",right after the for days of Carnaval in Brazil.I also don´t really understand these little fevers I´ve been having.

On the purchases,I´ve reserved the late March re-release of Vocaloid Puchi <3 I saw the secret and laughed...she´s funny...I´ll let you see for yourself on Ebay,I´ll not ruin your surprise.I like so much this kind of thing...my display have a 1/8 Suzumiya Haruhi...Allen and Yuu from Innocence Boxes...a little Lum casting lightining...The two complete cases of DN Puchi...heh,I guess it started about 14 years ago with that little Sailor Moon boxes...14 years ago with Kinder...

I can´t wait to play Pokémon HeartGold!I´m already shipping SilverxKotone lol...

Well...I´ll still at home...but I´m learning a lot about holistic therapy.I have a cool sensei.

Gee,how much I talked today...I just...feel lonely...
Current Mood: lonelylonely

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February 18th, 2010

08:29 pm - "NOCHE"
I guess in the only person in the entire city to have one...and I live in a capital!

I wanna show it to my Moyashi-chan <3 Which is another long story...and I don´t wanna tell now.

Despite this...OW MY BODY! DX
Current Mood: sicksick

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January 10th, 2010

12:30 am - Fandom Chronicles
I´m tired,really tired of Death Note.

Actually there´s only one character that doesn´t bother me,that is Matt,and that´s enough for me.He´s cute and it´s still important to my crossover pairings.For some reason I got sick of all the other characters.Specially with this ridiculous idea of celebrating character death.It´s nice when we draw or write something in tribute to birthday or death,but celebrating,making cons,this is ridiculous.I can be a fan,I swoon over cute characters and pairings but...ship wars and complicated theories are out of my case.

I´m more into D.Gray-Man,Ouran,Yoshizumi-Sensei and Takahashi-Sensei´s works.I love Kanda with all my heart,but even in RPs I try to make him most realistic as possible,even if he eventually falls in love I don´t make him all mellow.He´s shy and have a fighter conduct.And as far I know there´s no problem to make him cry,since he cried as a children,due to loneliness (See chapter 190) Of course this will be rare.Almost impossible.I made him cry in our Exorcist Note RP and sincerely?I felt ashamed later,really ashamed.I never made him so girly and fragile before,that was ridiculous.And what in the world I had in my mind when I paired him with Mello?

Ouran is very good.REALLY good.Too funny and cute and the characters are growing in a nice way.The triangle Tamaki-Haruhi-Hikaru is really interesting.Mei is another fun character.Really,they should do a second season of it,specially to hear more of Miyano-san,Sakamoto-san and Suzumura-san.

Another anime that should have one more season are Fruits Basket,Elfen Lied(To hear more of Kobayashi-san too)and obviously,DGM.

FMA?No thanks.The manga stopped to be good at the 14th volume and the new series suck.I´ll always love the original series though.

Yoshizumi Wataru made Marmalade Boy and Ultramaniac.Them´re sweet romantic comedy stories.

And  Takahashi Rumiko is usually knew by mostly of newbie manga fans for Inuyasha.Take it away and go see Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2!Them´re really worth your time!

Another childhood love of mine is Sailor Moon.I still love it until today and I need to complete my manga collection.Plus Saint Seiya.I wanna see the movies again.

Well,I feel much better now.Too bad if you became offended.
Current Mood: irateirate
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December 17th, 2009

09:16 pm - It´s been a time...
I´m trying a new treatment and I´m more into D.Gray-Man,you know.But I still love Death Note.Actually,my best friend and I invented a crossover RP.We even did some crossover pairings...lol...It´s fun! First we came with Kanda and Mello.They argue but like each other.They´re more like a conservate pairing,since I think Yuu actually is shy.Then there´s Lavi and Matt.Ooooh my...what making out these two make.My Matt is extremely uke(Since Mint Magic it was almost always my preference) If we plan to put Allen with Near?Maybe.JUST maybe. And check this out... Mitarashi dango fail!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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November 4th, 2009

08:39 pm - Case File #01 Gotcha!
Yes,it arrived today!As my birthday gift.

I´m lucky!I got them all,plus the secret!
Pics hereCollapse )

Current Mood: hungryhungry

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October 29th, 2009

01:30 pm - Dude
I am a LOSER!No,no,guess what I just did yesterday!

By...three weeks,I think,I was really excited to see Michael Jackson´s This Is It.Bought the tickets before and all.Really,I was excited.As a fan I thought I was going to cry during the movie.


Why?Because of my FU**ING PANIC DISORDER AND ANXIETY!I coudn´t concentrate to pay attention to the awesomeness that is MJ and his dancers.

Yesterday I was so tired mentally and physically that I slept early.But still today I woke up late.My kitty looks worried with me *how cute*

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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October 25th, 2009

11:44 pm - DN Nendo Puchi News!
Hello dears,everything´s going well?First of all,I´m very sorry that I am so absent.I´m having some troubles with my health and need to study.But don´t forget,I still care for everyone!

Today I came to talk about the DN Nendo Puchi collection.Case #01 has been released this month,though the people from Hobby haven´t noticed me about it yet XD

Case #02 will be released in January.I think pre-orders on specialized stores will start soon.

BTW,look!There´s the other models!

Cuteness here!Collapse )

Ah yeah! kurosaki_akane did a really lovely MeroNia minigame <3 Check it out!

Current Mood: awakeawake

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October 19th, 2009

05:56 pm - Cheerful,cheerful!
My last post was quite depressive,but I had to let it out.Anyways,if you like D.Gray-Man pairings you might have seen this video already.It´s so epic I had to put on AFTube too.

Junjou Exorcist
by wotanabe!

Curiosity: Allen is playing Misaki,which voice actor is Sakurai Takahiro,same of Kanda XD

Current Mood: goodgood

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October 17th, 2009

04:27 am - Fullfilled of Emotions
After a while,I´m finally able to cry again.

Actually I don´t know exactly the last time I cried without anty reason.

Or there is one?

This have been such unlucky year to me.This week two more dear people passed away.I never lost so many family and friends before.

My disease is only growing stronger,I´m fighting with all my willpower...which isn´t really great.It´s also hard to lost weight like this.

I worry about my grandma.Her spine is severely damaged.
I worry about my mother.She is exahusted from the harsh job and it´s not on her best shape.
I worry even about my idiot father.When he´ll be responsible?
I worry about my best friend.The person I still love most in the world.But I like him and his girlfriend too much to ruin this relationship.But he´s overreacting about the work and study.Our friends are worried.

I need to fight with all my might...need to be approved,need to work.
Otherwise,how I´ll become the sucessor of this family?How I´ll protect my loved ones?

How I´ll chase my dreams?

Thankfully,I´ve made good friends and met dear ones again.I know I´m not alone.

But in order to grow up,I need to do all my duties by myself.

I´m an adult.I can afford people deaths,even if it hurts.
I´m an adult.No matter if I still have my cat ears.Because someday I´ll have a wonderful family.
I´m an adult.It´s my duty to protect the young ones and help the elders.

I´m an adult.

And I WILL grow stronger.
Current Mood: awakeawake

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October 14th, 2009

01:46 am - Astral hell
Che...I feel like garbage...I have to study and such,but I can´t concentrate.There´s many things to do.17th and 24th must see my friends,21st must do practical test,28th there´s MJ´s movie...7th and 8th there´s convention.Too bad I still can´t wear my Allen cosplay,it´s not done yet.But I hope I can use my "substitute exorcist" coat (I put the rose croix badge on it and looks pretty good)

I guess all these were supposed to be good...but my panic disorder unfortunately is increasing...can´t sleep well,can´t study well...and now there´s a strange guy from the 15th floor wanting to hang out.If I knew he were THAT strange,I´d never let him have my msn...damn,I always attract psycho guys...I´m kinda scared.

By the way,Nov 7th is by birthday.It´ll be fun if I can be able to go to the con.I want so much a Timcampy plush to put on my head.

I was wondering if I´m more down than normal because of the astral hell.But...I don´t really can believe on these things anymore.

Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: Snow Kiss

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